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Capu~: Came from Aarinfantasy: Trivia about Yaoi voice actors


Believe it or not, whatever I say below is TRUE.

- It is well-known that seiyuus do the kissing scenes by kissing their own hand.
Sakurai Takahiro can record H-scenes while eating. Yes seriously.
- Since Midorikawa Hikaru always play uke roles, he gets excited whenever he gets to play seme. Once he called Miki Shinichirou while he was at a bus stop and said, “I’m finally going to seme you today!”
- At a point, Miki Shinichirou actually asked when he could be uke… because during that period all he got were seme roles…
- According to some random reporters, Midorikawa Hikaru can act out H-scenes with his face straight throughout the whole process.
- It was said that Okiayu Ryotaro had a serious facial expression even when he’s acting H-scenes…
- A random seiyuu (I forgot who) actually touched his partner’s legs because he was too aroused =___=||| But then his parter responded by touching him back…

That’s all I can remember at the moment ^^;;

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